Here’s To Your Health – Own A Cat

I have always owned dogs, but, recently I have learned, mainly from females influential in my life, the wonder and magic of cats and what they have to offer which is much. A lot of men are ware of cats, perhaps because “dog is man’s best friend”, which we learn from childhood, but, I’ve also learned, so can a cat. Though not always, a cat can be a bit more standoffish than a dog. Patience is required in cases like this. Many cats love their independence and one must “earn their trust”. Once you have, many cats will follow you around like a dog. Of course, most dog owners know it is “love at first bite…of food”. Whomever feeds them is their new mommy or daddy, whereas, with many cats, the first few months is spent trying to figure out what value is there in owning this feline anyway.But as one owns a cat for awhile, it realizes this cat is an amazing intelligent creature, and can be just as loyal if not more so than a dog. Of the many cats I’ve owned, it has not taken more than a few days for them to want to curl up in my lap and rub its head continuously in a loving way (not to mention sleep on the pillow next to me no matter what).Many of us struggle with health issues. A cat can be a wonderful therapist, doctor, or other type healer. Many people are unable to own dogs for various reasons, from apartment policies to travel, whereas a cat can be left alone for much longer and be ok. Cat ownership has been medical proven to help everything from high blood pressure to depression to even severe anxiety. Like dogs, cats have an amazing sixth sense, of how you are feeling. Unconditional love eventually evolves from most domestic cats given time. Patience can be the key. Some cats exhibit it right away. Some ask us to earn it.Alas, cats, like dogs, make the world a much better place. Except for babies, and even babies have “their conditions”; really only domestic animals such as dogs and cats can teach us what unconditional love. I was very skeptical of all this upon learning the importance of animal care. I had read a lot but still did not believe the statistics much less the testimonials. Then I tried it, owning both dogs and cats all my adult life. It has enhanced my life like nothing else.You may find yourself saying, “I haven’t noticed any positive changes in myself”. But it doesn’t matter. They have already happened. Dog and cat ownership and care offer us the same paradigm shift of behavior that a newborn baby does. It offers us a chance to redirect much of our energies into a living loving creature that is there for us all the time. Yes we are there for it too, but not all the time. It does not care. If you give it a little attention, love and affection, it will give back in time, more than you ever gave it. Many times more in ways you never imagined.Rick London is a cartoonist/entrepreneur and animal-lover. He founded Londons Times Cartoons, one of the Internet’s most visited websites. Many of his cartoons and cartoon gifts and collectibles are cat and dog related. A percentage of those sales go to help stray animals and educate on animal-care.

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